Let The Scarecrows Dance

At twilight I went for a walk on Hallowed eve.

Seams in the pavement slipped under my steps

as I passed shaded houses

tucked in blankets of grass.

The afternoon shadows draped misted sweaters

along angled roof tops, window panes and drain spouts.

Hand sewn gardens were buttoned

plush with pansies of yellow and purple.

Mums, smug and musty, huddled close by.

The air was fresh with harvest home,

stirred by hushed chatter mingled with the tap-tap

of leaves dropping.


Though my way was led by streetlights

and warm window lamps, I sensed

a darkness pervading.

What are the children donning

behind closed doors –

costumes of Dracula, witches, and death?

In the sky a dark line formed

bold and thick,

one side gray blue, the other black billows.

Cars passed by at a ghostly pace;

for there was need of caution this Hallowed eve.


The line in the sky etched deep

as I imagined the children dressing up

in costumes designed from cardboard and satin.

My pace quickened as the air grew darker.

Oh! Please! I prayed for parents unknown,

Please! My heart yelled beyond that blackening cloud.

Make them clowns and spacemen,

ladybugs, butterflies and dinosaurs!

Guard the children now!

This is your chance

to put terror in the grave

and rip off the devil’s mask!

Don’t scare the children –

turn off the spooky music

and turn on your porch light!

Put smiles on your pumpkins –

let the scarecrows dance!

As the eve turned to night and bold stars twinkled bright,

I wondered how deep those raven clouds plunged.

Embraced in my home, I turned on the porch light.

My fat pumpkin’s smile glowed

when my doorbell rang clear.

Trembling, I peered through the opened door –

and there in the moonlight, with bags opened wide, was

one frilly fairy,

one hairy lion,

and a knight in shining armor!

“Put on the full armor of God so that you can take your stand against the devil’s schemes.” (Ephesians 6:11)