Memory Game Alive

           With the kids and their Moms crammed into the living room, we agreed unanimously to play, “Pack Your Suitcase”. You know the memory game where each person adds something to travel with, but has to repeat the contents added by the previous “travelers”. The trip was to be on a cruise to “Mommom’s House.” Now that’s exactly where we were – six of our ten grandkids, our three daughters and me, my heart bursting after the Memorial Week end we had celebrated together. This was the night before they all were to depart, so the game was appropriate, I suppose.

            In our imaginary suitcases we stuffed a football (Childers), colored calligraphy pens and pencils (Josselyn and Sadie), a horse (Meredith), Boo-Boo the ten year old stuffed rabbit (Hunter), a twenty-year old afghan (Leslie), Smartphone (Kerith), running shoes (Robin), and my Bible. Then we added a variety of treasures – my dog, Meredith’s riding stick, Leslie’s Ninja, Hunter’s droid, a bike, a camera, and so forth. I did well with a few hints and lots of eyes rolling, but found myself lagging behind as my memory drifted into stories. Soon I couldn’t keep up with my giggling competitors. I imagined Boo-Boo under Hunter’s arm as Meredith corralled her horse onto the great ship. How fun it would be to take this crew on a cruise together! My mind played as I was skipped by and the game went on.

            I am a Story Maker. It is hard for me to focus for long because my mind easily wanders and quickly bumps into my imagination. Away we go, hand in hand with metaphors, symbolisms, and a cargo of memories. I especially love God Stories, those wonderful real life times when God intercedes and creates His own story. I look for Him everywhere.

            In less than a week I am about to embark on a real trip, traveling not on a ship, but a truck bed made into our home on wheels. In this motorhome I must pack everything my husband and I will need for a 92-day journey across 22 states. We are going West to see the great USA! How do I pack for three seasons and 8,000 miles? This has been the challenge. For once I cannot imagine what is ahead. I do know our dog, Sophie will be with us, as well as my pillow, coffee, oatmeal cookies, bandages, and three-months’ supply of cosmetics, shampoo, and pens. My husband has meticulously checked and recharged all of the RV systems, procured a supply of tools, tubes, and technical paraphernalia for emergencies, and the cooler with beer, wine, soda, and water. We will pack our food and clothes this weekend. Monday I will load my books, and Tuesday I will pick up my backpack in one arm, my Bible in the other, and shut the door of home, not to return until Thanksgiving.

            Life would be so much easier if I could just stay in my living room and play the memory game.  But placed before me there are stories to be found, and I want to remember them all! Travel tales of sights, folks, food, adventure, and quite possibly a mishap or two. Not long ago I think I heard God whisper, “ I have so much to show you! I made it all long ago and with you in mind!”

            I plan to share my stories along the way. Surely if God, the Master Creator, has something to show, we need to see it together!