Miragical Merging Bubbles

When a bubble floats in the air and meets up with another bubble, the two don’t pass by, sail in unison, or crash and pop. They merge their slippery walls and peruse the air as one. It’s a miracle and magic combined – miragical!

This is the energy I felt within my bubble at the gym. My bubble jiggled as I draped my towel on the handlebars of my favorite bike.  Swaggering just a bit, I took a swig from my water bottle. This bike and I would take on the Saturday super Spin Class. So what if I would be the oldest spinner on a bike? I’d keep up with the best of them!

My bubble plummeted dangerously at the jingle of my cell phone. Why hadn’t I left it in the car?

I tried to balance the bubble as I left the room of bikes, pressing the phone to my ear.

“Hello?” I’d make it short and get back to the energy.

“It’s Meredith.” My bubble expanded and heaved.  Having recently memorized my phone number, my six-year old granddaughter, didn’t hesitate to call me whenever she’d had a question.

This morning she got right to the point.  Her problem was her Fairy Garden. I have several populated Fairy Gardens in my yard, but there had been no fairies yet in her garden. She and I had been trying to figure out how she could lure the fairies to her home, some four hours away from mine.

“Could you try to find a dwelling for my garden? It needs to be about six inches long. My granddaughter had decided her visiting fairies would need a home.

Instantly, I felt the “plunk” of our bubbles merging. The bubbles floated upward; the gym’s muscles and machines faded in the distance.

“ I have actually found a dwelling for your garden. It’s a gourd!”

“What’s a gourd?” I heard the doubt in the child’s voice and her bubble quivered.

“Well, a gourd is a squash. When they grow in the garden, they lie connected to their vines on the ground among the leaves and flowers of other plants. Hollowed out, they make perfect dwellings for fairies who also love to play among plants and flowers.”

“Oh.” The surface connecting our bubbles spread as we swirled. “Do you think a fairy will come to my garden to live in the gourd?”

“Absolutely!” Fairies danced in a ring around my bubble.

“When you put that little gourd dwelling in your garden, I am certain a fairy will come!”

At that moment, if I’d had the fairy and gourd in my hands, I would have walked the two hundred miles to my granddaughter’s house to bring them to her. I’d have to settle for the postal service after the Spin Class.

The bubble pressed against our sphere. I whispered low into the phone, “In fact, I believe I heard one of my fairies whispering to another fairy that she’d heard a cousin fairy was flying up north toward your town!”

I could hear my granddaughter processing this information.

“Good! I’ll keep the garden ready until the gourd comes. Then I’ll watch for the fairy cousin. Do you think it will be a boy or a girl?”

I just know it’s a cousin. We’ll have to see.” I could see my smile glistening in the bubble.

“Okay. One more thing.” My granddaughter’s bubble gained speed as we swooped by the Spin room.

“We have a snake in our back yard. Do you think it will attack my Fairy Garden?”  My bubble hung on as I searched frantically for an answer in its globe.

“No! Snakes don’t like anything about Fairy Gardens because they are slimy and scary and fairies are merry and magical. You won’t find any snakes near your Fairy Garden as long as you keep it colorful and cheery!”

This information made my bubble swell. Miragical!

“Great.” She believed me! With a hasty good bye, my granddaughter hung up the phone, business done.

Just a twinge and a pop, and the bubbles were no more.

The music was getting loud where my Spin class had started. I didn’t need another bubble. I was still glowing from the flight with my granddaughter. Now on the bike, I would soar!