A New to the Manger


Meredith Bunting shared her post.

December 7 at 11:28am


Meredith Bunting

December 7 at 7:59am

I sense this morning some are seeking "the Light at the end of the tunnel."
The journey to the Manger is shadowed, murky, tunneled dark. The path is cluttered, winding, strange.
Lights blink, blare, blasting neon, stinging eyes, searing brains, saddening hearts.
Where is the Manger Light?
Slow. Stop. Sit. Shut watering weary eyes. 
There is no tunnel - here is, always is - the Presence of God.
The Glory of God surrounds you. His is a devouring fire on top of the mountain of confusion, concern, chaos. His is the Sword flashing like lightening through doubts, fears, despair. His fire "in the sight of all Israel" is YOUR Light still!
This is the only Light we follow on our New Way to the Manger.